Boat Slip Availability: Cape Coral Report

boating cape coralThus area prides itself as a boater’s paradise. With the numerous canals based here, and some of them providing a direct navigation to the Caloosahatchee River and also Gulf of Mexico, this is undoubtedly a great wonderland. Boaters can incredibly enjoy a swift ride of about 30 minutes right from the elegant Cape Coral Yacht Club, or rather perhaps at the Redfish point down to the Sanibel Bridge including the gulf. It is worth noting the essential marks of the manatee speed zones along the way, which are enhanced periodically. Continue reading Boat Slip Availability: Cape Coral Report

Mind Reading Technology: It’s Here!

mind readingProgressive technology has allowed us to delve into great possibilities that are unattainable in the beginning. Now, it has provided us with ways to read minds. Yes, it is possible to read minds. With the help of brain scanners, it is now possible to detect and recreate the faces of people we are thinking of.

A study has proven that by using brain scans, images of the faces that were previously viewed can be recreated. An fMRI brain scanner can determine brain activity by measuring blood flow in different parts of the brain. Participants are given photos of different individuals. After that, they will be hooked to the fMRI brain scanner. Continue reading Mind Reading Technology: It’s Here!

Southwest Florida Neighborhoods Squatting Problems

squattingDue to the economic crisis, there are a lot of jobless and homeless people. In addition, there are also a great number of vacant homes in Southwest Florida. Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, and other rural parts of Lee County are hot spots in Southwest Florida where squatters are proliferating. Due to the housing crash 2007, many homes were vacated and left untouched that extended for a couple of months or even years. Continue reading Southwest Florida Neighborhoods Squatting Problems