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Mind Reading Technology: It’s Here!

Progressive technology has allowed us to delve into great possibilities that are unattainable in the beginning. Now, it has provided us with ways to read minds. Yes, it is possible to read minds. With the help of brain scanners, it is now possible to detect and recreate the faces of people we are thinking of.

A study has proven that by using brain scans, images of the faces that were previously viewed can be recreated. An fMRI brain scanner can determine brain activity by measuring blood flow in different parts of the brain. Participants are given photos of different individuals. After that, they will be hooked to the fMRI brain scanner.

The 30 brain readings resulted to blurry yet fairly accurate images. Skin color was quite accurate and about 80% detected if the person in the viewed photo was smiling or not. 50% detected the correct hair color and two-thirds determined the gender.

Scientists have admitted that the technology needs more improvement. However, if the technology is perfected, then recording dreams, solving crimes, and understanding mental disorders will not be an issue anymore. The reconstructions are actually based on how the image is perceived by the brain of an individual. Therefore, an autistic person’s reading will be quite different from the perception of a normal person.

Currently, the fMRI brain scanner can only read active parts of the human brain. Scanning for memories are still unattainable since it is in the passive part of the brain. Memory scanning involves very fine details of the brain structure. It might take 2 decades before we can have the right technology to do that.

Southwest Florida Neighborhoods Squatting Problems

Due to the economic crisis, there are a lot of jobless and homeless people. In addition, there are also a great number of vacant homes in Southwest Florida. Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, and other rural parts of Lee County are hot spots in Southwest Florida where squatters are proliferating. Due to the housing crash 2007, many homes were vacated and left untouched that extended for a couple of months or even years.

In 2009, various incidences were reported that squatters are sighted in some foreclosed properties. Homeless people took the opportunity to live in these foreclosed homes as long as they can. Some neighbors reported that they saw some inhabitants in vacant houses near the homes. However, many did not report such cases since these people are disguising themselves as pool or house cleaners. Police recover various objects and food remnants that indicate someone has been living the house they are checking.

Some squatters have even installed internet, electricity, and cable in homes they are currently occupying. These illegal tenants know that they cannot be evicted without going to court since they have proof of utility bills and even fake lease contracts. The latter is also connected to various rental scams in the area. Some are quite resourceful. Many of the data are being gleaned from real estate websites.

Police are quite powerless when these illegal tenants are showing such evidences. The only way to evict these squatters is to notify the owner and immediately start the process of eviction.

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