Travelling is the most vital way to enjoy and live a great life and do something different and unique from your daily household or office work or routines. A person loves to travel from one city to another city or from one destination to another. Now a day, there are lots of facilities that are available to travel from one place to another without any problems or hurdles. Travelling is something that everyone must do at least once in their life time. It is important to see what the different things around the planet are



EXPERIENCING NEW THINGSAND CULTURES- Travelling is an important way to know people and understand their culture. We want to know and understand the different culture which is mainly possible by travelling. Adventurous people travel to different countries and city so that they can find something new and give meaning to their life.

ENJOYMENT- Why people travel also depends on the way of their living and thinking. People travel with their family, friends and loved ones at their favorite destinations or locations to have some fun and enjoy their life. It also helps in getting a peace of mind and pleasure for the people. Travelling also helps in generating a positive energy within the individual that helps him or her to start a new way of living and achieving your goals.

NEW WAY OF LIVING- When people get tired of their daily routine or daily work, they search for new and interesting reasons to0 give a new meaning to their life and start a new inning. Travelling helps to make your life much better and will help you to live better with your family and loved ones.


MEETING WITH NEW PEOPLE- Travelling is the best way to meet with the new people and make new friends. When we travel in different cities or locations, we do interact with new people and communicate with them and it do happens that those simple people turn out our best friends. Making new friends is also a vital reason of travelling.

NEW TASTY FOODS- When people travel they also get the taste of the new and special foods that are not available in their home town. For e.g. Kolkata biryani and Kolkata rosogolla is not available everywhere.

The travel trip will give you new ideas, feelings and this will help you to think new ways to improve your life.



Over the years, along with improvement in quality, more and more emphasis is being put on efficiency. People aim to achieve maximum utilization of resources with minimum wastage. The same applies to the utilization of space, especially in residential areas. In most apartments and condominiums, preferred by students and young professionals alike, space is at a premium.

Mentioned below are a few methods to ensure efficient and productive utilization of space in apartments and other residential buildings.

Dress according to weather: – Keep clothes that you are unlikely to wear stored in such a way that it does not cause clutter and inconvenience. For e.g. in summer, keep all your sweaters, jackets and gloves stored safely in your closet so that you don’t stumble over it while looking for your beachwear. Take adequate measures to check that it is stored safely and does not fall prey to insects, rodents etc.


Look up: – In apartments, a lot of space above appliances and cupboards goes unutilized, leading to crowding and shortage of space in other areas. Purchase shelves and cupboards that reach the ceiling and make sure that not an even inch goes unused. Wall mounted shelves are also an option, as they eliminate the need for separate cupboards and shelves which consume a lot of space. They free up this space for other items. If you are a gardening enthusiast, opt for vertical gardens in your terraces and balconies. Doing so frees up space for keeping furniture there while maintaining aesthetics.

Sleep a little higher: – Raise your beds and ensure adequate storage space underneath it. Replace the monster under your bed with all the memorabilia from your past that you are reluctant to throw away. Cover these boxes with sheets to prevent dust accumulation on your favorite photo albums and CDs. You can also buy bins that are produced primarily for storage under beds.

Opt for versatile appliances: – When shopping for your apartment, but items that can be used for multiple purposes. This allows you a lot more space in your apartment to be creative and make it more aesthetically pleasing and functional. For e.g. instead of using your dining table just for meals, enhance its value to space ratio by using it as a makeshift workspace. Opt for wall mounted TVs. They look classy, and also allow you to use the table normally used to mount the TV to store books, CDs or as a showcase rack.



There is no greater pleasure than watching a sunrise from the top of a hill, sipping hot tea and surrounded by fog. The healing effect of the hills on people’s souls is what draws millions of tourists to hill stations every year. In a world where money and productivity have taken precedence over happiness and peace of mind, a human mind can take only so much stress and constant tension before it snaps and seeks respite. This point is when people jump onto their bikes, push all their worries to one side and ride to the hills.

With all its therapeutic benefits, hills travel too comes with its set of risks and hazards. The mystical ravines and sheer drops entice people with their unparalleled beauty, and devour thousands of lives every year. Venturing into these marvels of nature unprepared can often have drastic repercussions.

There are a few things every person seeking solace in the hills should keep in mind to ensure a happy trip and a safe return. The most prominent of these have been mentioned below


  • Safe driving: – Driving on the hills is a totally different ball game compared to conventional travel. Couple this with the driving ethics of Indian drivers, and you have the perfect recipe for disaster. Practice defensive driving on the hills. Always horn and flash before you approach a curve, and slow down sufficiently before you corner your vehicle. Remember, speeding through a few corners might be fun, but a lifetime in the hospital or worse is not!
  • Pack appropriately: – There is no shame in admitting you are cold. Pack adequate warm clothes and thermal wear if the weather is that extreme. Leather jackets will keep you warm and make you look macho at the same time. Take special effort to ensure that your feet are warm. This oft neglected part is one of the most vulnerable to cold, and not having adequate protection in terms of socks or legwarmers can leave you shivering throughout the day.
  • Safe sightseeing: – The threat of falls and injuries is very real in the hills. As far as possible, undertake trekking only with a certified guide, or in locations designated as safe for trekking. Avoid standing at the edge of cliffs and drops for the perfect photo. The view is just as good a few steps back as well. Prioritize safety over thrills and the adrenaline rush, and you will have a safe trip.

Driving lessons made easy for Students


It is seen that most of the people who are new to driving have a phobia to drive. As their job life does not permit them to spend loads of time, they wish to rush through ephemeral driving courses. So before you start opting for a driving course or while driving a motorcycle, scooter and car some of the important points you need to know.

Driving lessons

The most important in a self course or a motorcycle school is that the student has confidence in his monitor. It is for this reason that the Driving Lessons provides that competent and motivated instructors.You will not only learn to drive but also to drive and have your correct and safe way. It pays for a lifetime.

Take all lessons with an instructor or learn to drive with your family. The best way is to learn the basics is with an instructor and to practice privately. Indeed, it is difficult to correct some of the bad habits automatically. If you will have ride in private after completely the driving school training. All the basic and pragmatic things which you learned in driving school will come into picture. The Driving School will explain to your accompanying where you are in your training.

The purpose of the auto or motorcycle driving school by the Driving Lessons is to provide a professional and competent our students by focusing on road safety education. They want the students to know travel on the road safely. There are a lot of companies which offer the driving school. You can select one which caters to your time and budget limit. For contacting them, you can visit their personal websites or a glance through the yellow pages will give you all the necessary information along with contact numbers.

A driving school that provides quality education, which provides hours of driving ,which are not less than 55 actual minutes and has a high success rate in the permit are considered to be the perfect driving school. You may ask why the driving schools what is the average level of success these days. Most of them do not offer the packages that suit your schedule.


Word-of-mouth is a very good source of information about driving schools.  It is supported today by the forums and blogs which can give some assessment criteria. If you have any doubt about the financial situation of the driving school in question, the check it on the websites.

The Student Driving School offer good packages to attract candidates. But you need to pay attention to their content. Most of their package include 20 hours of driving – the legal minimum to be presented to the road test. But you need to ask the price off plan lessons. The students can opt for their packages depending on their routine plans. If they are free in early morning, they can choose the suitable plans. They have reduced packages for those who wish to learn driving for more than 3 weeks.

Various Ways Of Earning Money Online That Can Make Your Career


Since we have moved into a world of digitization, earning money online has become so convenient. There are thousands and thousands of professionals working from the comfort of their homes and earning money like the ones who are working in MNC companies. Here are the different ways of earning money online if you are looking to make it a full-time work.

Freelancing- Being a freelancer is the best way of earning money online. You can provide useful services like web development, SEO works, content writing, graphic designing as per your strength. If you do not have technical skills, you can do data entry, provide virtual assistance and others. There are plenty of platforms to find clients like, and you will never run out of works.

Earning Money Online

Blogging – Blogging is another way of making plenty of money online. You have to have a blog on an interesting niche and put up some quality article and do some SEO works and go viral on social media. With ad segments installed on your website, you will get paid per 1000 views and per click on ads. There are so many popular bloggers earning crazy money.

YouTube – So many YouTube channels are coming up every day because people have realized that YouTube is a gold mine and if you are creative and can make videos that are entertaining like pranks or informative like DIY, recipe and such stuff, you can be popular and earn enormous money from Google AdSense.

Affiliate Marketing – To be an affiliate marketer, you need to have a blog or a YouTube channel. But you do not need to be viral to earn money. You can have a moderate targeted audiences and review products with links in the description. If your audiences find the product useful and buy it by clicking your affiliate link, you will get a commission for every purchase they make. The commission is really high, and it will make your rich faster than others.

Selling Digital Products – You can make your own digital products and sell them online. Digital products can be eBooks, video tutorial, study material with audio and likewise. There are so many affiliate platforms like instamojo, click2sell and other e-commerce sites where you can put them up and provide a commission to the affiliate to sell the products for you.

Domain Flipping- Domain flipping is an online business with which you can make crazy money if you can spot the best domain names and sell them like gold. You have to buy domain names that have potential and sell them in the marketplace like Sedo and Flippa where people are ready to buy them and then use them or resell them.

Other than these, you could be an online tutor, check for bugs in websites, trade in the stock market to earn money online.




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