Different types of residential glasses

If you are getting your house renovated or fixed or considering a new house, it is natural to be concerned about all the details, even the glasses. Glasses in the house though can be a very critical part of the structuring process. This is because they add a touch of beauty and finish to the house. On the other hand, glasses also control the amount of heat and light entering your house. That is why you should learn all you need to know about residential glasses from Mark’s Mobile Glass website.

Here is a brief about the various types of residential glasses used in homes and buildings.

The main components that usually makeup glasses are sand, sodium carbonate, and calcium carbonate. With different types of treatments, glasses can be made into

1- Tempered glass- These glasses undergo a lot of heating treatment. This makes them more resistant to impacts and they shatter into very small pieces to prevent piercings from breaking

2- Laminated glass- These glasses are layered glasses attached to each other through adhesives like a sandwich. These glasses are also safe and don’t fly off on breaking. These glasses are majorly used for commercial purposes.

3- Low-E glass- Lowe- emissivity glasses can minimize the entry of infrared light and heat into homes so they are excellent to be used in windows and doors. These glasses also improve the energy efficiency of the building.

4- Insulated glass- These glasses are also layered glasses with an inert gas between the layers. This adds to the durability of the material as well as controls the effect of the temperature and moisture change. As the name suggests, these glasses are insulation materials and can keep homes warm or cold as desired.

Glasses are great for designs as well as weather control. So you need to use the right glass for your windows, doors as well as decor. For great installations as well as repairs you can visit Mark’s Mobile Glass website. They offer great rates for repairs as well as reinstallation of damaged glasses.

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