Control Valves That Fits For Your Project

Control valves have lots of purposes. But, it depends on the type of valve because it comes to different kinds. A control valve is primarily used for controlling the flow of the fluid. It varies the flow size of passage directed to the controller by a signal. It lets the flow rate has a direct control as well as the consequential process control quantities of such:

  1. Pressure
  2. Temperature
  3. Liquid level

All these works may function properly using high-quality control valves on Blackhawk Supply. You need to understand how important these control valves are.

How does control valve work?

A control valve regulates the flow of a gas or liquid by opening or closing the internal passages. It forms part of the control loop worked to control the process. A control valve will respond to the directions from the controller. It adjusts the internal openings subsequently.

The purpose

Control valves have a purpose of its own. It varies the flow passing rate through itself. A valve stem will move, it alters the passage size. Then, it holds, increases or decreases steady the flow. Once the process parameter is being controlled, the control valve opening changed.

hvac controls

The operation

A control valve has an operation with the 3 key points: valve, controller, and the actuator. A valve has 2 basic types: seat design and a plug.

Control valves: the types

Control valves come into various types according to their use. Here is a list of valve types that you might use such as the following:

  • Plug. This type of valves has conically-tapered and cylindrical plugs that can be rotated in the valve body for controlling the flow. It is often a simple and economical valve. The plug valves have 1 or more hollow passageways going sideways. With that, the fluid can flow to the opened plug.
  • Check valves. This type of valve can be sometimes referred to as the non-return valve. It stops the back-flow in the piping by preventing the fluid from flowing in one direction.
  • Butterfly valves. This type of valve derives from the name of the disc’s wing-like action. Whilst, it operates at the right angles.
  • Ball valves. This type of valve is used for the widest spectrum of isolation applications.

Control valves are very functional. It must be present to help air or gas flows accordingly. Plus. it does not give any problem with the flow of the substance without any trapping problem.

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