Know More About Citizen Journalism

Citizen journalism is about people reporting, collecting, disseminating and analyzing news and information particularly on internet and social media. We all know that our world is the global village. Thus, we all are the reporters and citizen journalists using the internet platforms for telling the whole world what’s happening around us. The trained journalists rely only on social media & citizen reporters for getting the right tips on what’s happening across the world you will get more tips here. These tips will be downloaded and processed in accordance to journalism ethics and sold back to the members of public.

How Does It Work?

Truth is that the hard copies of magazines and newspapers aren’t selling much nowadays. The online media platforms, forums, blogs, directories as well as social media now have taken over. It is really good for humanity. The citizen journalist will make the living from collecting & passing on of the information, tips, photos, and events for the established newspapers, websites, magazines, blogs as well as forums for the publication. This might be free.


However, value of the citizen reporter in helping to spread good or bad news will have an impact on the world. It is because many people will benefit in some or other from conventional or social media. And these people can be the researchers, housewives, security experts, bankers, business people, lecturer, journalists, motivational speakers, online marketers, sportsmen and women, and more. We all require right information to make the informed opinion or decisions. It’s media that can help us. 

Need Help From Citizen 

As trained journalists will not be everywhere, contributions of the citizen reporters for informing, educating as well as entertaining the members becomes quite handy. However, social media isn’t regulated till now. Thus, some information that is posted on social media isn’t processed. It is where the world leaders must come in. Besides monetary benefits, the citizen reporters also will experience the sense of fulfillment if they know that the contributions are assisting to shape our world to make this the better place. It is immortal as well as goes beyond money.

I also feel that with a little time, social media may come in line and can regulate itself.

To the citizen reporter, there’re a lot of jobs for you & there’re not any set limits on how much of money you can make to pass on the tips, information or photos to established the media outfits, blogs, websites, and forums for the possible publications.

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