Let’s keep our Backyard clean!

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. This saying goes for keeping our backyard junks away as well. Piling of outdoor rubbish can breed insects, spiders, rats and mosquitoes. This can result in health hazards. The rust or sharp edges of waste metals can lead to infections. Many house owners are choosing to reuse yard waste through composting, chipping, mulching processes to improve the look of the garden. So, there are less or no trips to local tip to remove rubbish. Clothing not used for the last one year can be donated and other items not used for 2 years can be written off as rubbish. The company either sends the items to be reused, recycled or donated. The other items are sent to landfill sites and disposed safely so that it does not cause a threat to the environment. Some removal services also clean up after removing the rubbish.

rubbish removal

Backyard rubbish removal services include garden pruning, general garden waste, mowing, overflow of council bins, general junk, household rubbish, debris and hazardous materials. Metal items, glass, foam, cardboard, bric-a-brac, junk, damaged children’s play, old outdoor furniture, old tools, gas cylinders, old batteries, storm and seasonal debris, lawn debris removal and clean up, brush branch or tree removal., commercial landscaping debris and large scale residential landscaping debris is also removed by most backyard removal services.

After cleanup, the garden can be used for many purposes. You can relax and spend time in the backyard. Children now have more place to run around and play. You can even invite your friends over for parties in the backyard. It can be great place to entertain guests for BBQ and chilling out.


 Some services may include- trees trimmed stump removal, cleaning backyard, sweeping hosing and cleaning paths, getting rid of old stains, demolition of sheds and buildings, garage cleaning, pre-property sale clean up, inorganic waste, electronic appliances, white goods, hazardous materials. These companies have trained and skilled personnel to give a professional level service to customers. This saves the time and the effort and leaves the customers stress free and relaxed.

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