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The most interesting stories has always been the stories of successful people since there is inspirational stuff that you can use to help you succeed in life. Bill gates, Muhamad Ali, Manny Pacquiao, Adam Driver, Kobe Bryant are some of the personalities that people look up to because they are very successful with their career and they are considered as the best in their field.

But what’s interesting about successful people that not all people possess is that tenacity to work hard and have a realistic goal-driven mindset. Kobe Bryant calls this “mamba mentality” and can be applied in various industries, sports to even life. It even comforting to know that most popular icons of today that people look up to didn’t start well off, some started in their parent’s garage cooking up something that people will love.

David Steinberg: David Steinberg is a self-made businessman that ran his business in his parent’s basement. It was a company called Sterling Cellular Inc. After that successful venture, he went on to venture into a new business called Inphonic, Inc. and after a few years, ventured today another business called CAIVIS Acquisition corp. Until he found Zeta Global where he became a CEO and 4till is today.

David Steinberg

The takeaway: The takeaway is that you don’t need to be rich in the first place to be successful. As long as you did your homework, you have a good imagination and hard work, you have a higher potential in being successful in the long run. There are people that has each one of those qualities but never bothered to get the other, their failure is eminent. Venturing into business is risky, but the risks can be lessened if you have the three qualities mentioned above.

There’s a good reason why various and videos highlight successful people and that is because their life is a good experience that people can learn from. David Steinberg Zeta had humble beginnings and it shaped the way he is reaching to what he is now. He has been a very successful person in his field. More people can be like him too if they just figured out life the way he did. Sure there are some hurdles in business and surely his ventures encountered that as well, but he keeps believing and worked hard to make it successful. Success can be found in any field as long as you love and like what you’re doing.

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