Spotify is the number 1 music streaming subscription platform in the whole world. There are more than 200 million active users. Around 90 million of those are paying for a subscription. Most artists devote their time and effort to increase their number of followers. Some even for this. Spotify continues to grow. It also offers new tools to help artists succeed. Spotify followers receive email notifications when an artist puts new music on Spotify. The songs also appear in their Release Radar playlist. Here are some tips on gaining more followers for Spotify.

Artist profile on Spotify

The first step to do is claim your artist profile on Spotify. It is an important data resource that you should have access to. There are tools that reveal details about your audience and your songs. It also includes playlists that your songs are on. You will also get the blue check mark on your profile to let everyone know that you are the official artist.

You will need certain tools or functions for the next steps. These are available only if you request access to your Spotify artist profile. Check if you already have access and control over your Spotify profile. Then download the Spotify for Artists app.

Follow button on your website

After logging into Spotify for Artists; click on TOOLS to access the FOLLOW button widget. Place the code on your website to create a button that will make it easier for visitors to follow you on Spotify. They do not even need to leave your website. Embedding a playlist along with the follow button is a great idea. Put a mix of your songs or songs you like in the playlist. This will give visitors a taste of your music.

Social media

This one is basic. You should ask your fans to follow you on Spotify. Fans often take time to read through your words. You better explain the benefits they can gain if they follow you. Mention that the main benefit they can have is that they will be one of the first to know when you put new music on Spotify. This will prevent them from missing out on your new releases. Ofcourse, you should also ask your friends and relatives.


Mailing list

You can also send out emails to ask your fans to follow you on Spotify. Do not forget to mention an incentive or a bonus if they do.

Live show

Let your fans know they can follow you on Spotify. Artists usually do this in the middle of their set or towards the end. You can offer them discounts for your merchandises. That is, if you reach a certain number of followers on Spotify.

Create music

If you have new music on Spotify every now and then, people will follow you to keep up with your releases. It is difficult to ask your fans to follow you if you have about 3 songs for the past couple of years.


Create a playlist that includes your song and songs from other artists. Make sure you have a theme so fans can digest your playlist well. Promote the playlist on social media and on your Spotify profile. It will give you more exposure to new audiences when people share that playlist. You would also benefit if the listers add your songs to their own playlists. Submitting your song to Spotify may qualify it for the Editorial playlists.

No matter what steps you take, make sure that you keep your fans updated. Make them eager to know new information about you or your music. Give them something no artists can ever give them.

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