Watching Movies Online – The Best Movie Genre

When you have plenty of movie genres to choose from, it can take awhile before you would be able to decide which movie are you going to watch. Going to the movies is slowly becoming replaced by streaming movies online right at the comfort of our homes. This is because there are many websites offering free movies for you to watch.

streaming movies online is one of the most popular sites for movie lovers. And like the other websites, this also has choices when it comes to movie genres. Sci-fi, romance, drama, action, horror, documentary, and so on. But how can you tell one from the other?

Sci-Fi Movies. These are most often scientific movies with a visionary and imaginative theme. It usually has heroes, aliens, distant planets, monsters, impossible settings, and even dark and shadowy villains. It is also based on futuristic theme sometimes. These can be a fantasy or can also have similarities with action or adventure films.

Action-Packed Films. This will include high energy with big budget physical stunts and chases. There can be possible rescue missions, battles, fights, escapes, and even destructive crises. This can also involve good-guy heroes fighting the villains. It may also include spies or martial arts films.

Adventure. These are exciting stories that can be a little similar to the action film genre. This can include historical experiences, expeditions, jungle or desert themes, treasure hunts and so much more.

Comedy. Comedy films are by far one of the most favored genres. These are light-hearted plots that are designed to entertain, amuse and provoke laughter. This may include exaggerating situations, hilarious language, and actions.

Crime. Gangster or crime movies are somewhat similar to action films but will usually involve criminals and mobsters. There might be bank robbers, hoodlums, individuals who operate against the law, stealing, drugs and other criminal scenarios. These are most often referred to as “film noir” or “detective-mystery” films. This will usually portray a role of different serial killer films.

Drama. These are serious, plot-driven movies. They can be real-life stories at times or may cast realistic characters or real settings, life situations, and also stories which may involve intense character. These movies are usually the top-grossing films and the largest film genre with different subsets.

Historical. Movies of this genre may include costume or historical dramas, war films, etc.These are sometimes correlated with adventure films. These are often lavish versions of biopic films.

Horror. These are specifically directed and designed to scare and frighten the viewers. These should be terrifying with an unexpected finale. This genre has a wide range of themes. From vampires, zombies, monsters, serial killers, basically anything worth scaring you.

Musical or Dance. This can include cinematic forms which will emphasize song and dance routines. This will be a combination of music, dance, song, and choreography.

Searching for a movie will usually depend on your state of mind, or sometimes your specifications. This is why it is best if we know how to differentiate each of these movie genres. With the simple explanation above, choosing your movie can now become easier for you.

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