Kayla Itsines workout – how to get the best results?  

Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide is one of the popular program which many people wish to try and see the results. There are three different programs in the bikini body bundle which are workout guide 1, BBG 2 and HELP food guide along with BBG 1.

Start with low intensity

These three are twelve week programs. This BBG shows what all information a person needs to do for cardio and also other workouts. It works to some extent if it is followed strictly. It has circuit workouts which are in one and third week, then in two to fourth weeks and fifth to seventh weeks and sixth to eighth week, ninth to eleven weeks and ten to twelve weeks. The person must make sure to read the workouts perfectly, as it is a circuit workout. The equipment needed are BBG two benches, a mot and weights, medicine ball, rope and bosu ball. These workouts are home workouts and can be done comfortably at home. For beginners it works better if they start with a four week program. This helps in building strength and then they can do better in the 12 week program.

One may feel it hard initially

Initial one to three weeks program will not be really hard and can be done with easy, this helps a person in sweating hard. Then moving further the second circuit of 2-4 weeks are harder and has lovely workouts. They help in improving the performance and one may not see results in the body. Then the next 5-8 weeks workout is too hard and this moves little higher in the circuit. It tests the strength of the person and helps in toning as well. By the end of eighth week, the person is sure to see some results in the body and this will help them in keep motivated and pushing further. The last set of 9-12 weeks is ever harder. Its almost testing the ability. You are likely to feel sore after testing your strength for yourself. Toning the body is not so easy while Bikini Body Guide program helps it reduce the toughness.

Dedication shows results

Though dramatic change may not be seen, one must keep trying hard to reach their goal. For a beginner, it would look tough and giving up or reducing the intensity will not show the results. It’s always best to stay motivated. One is sure to become stronger doing all the core workouts like pushups and high intensity interval training like burpees, lunges and other exercises. Abs tone up when core workouts are done properly. There are target areas which help in toning those parts of the body. After the twelve weeks program, one must not stop.



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