A List of Reasons Why Organic Food Is Better For You and the Environment

It can be a daunting task to make the right choices about what to get at the grocery store for both you and your family. Here are the reasons why organics are better for your help and will help you on your path to becoming happier and healthier.

  • Organics keep GMOs out of your food – organics ensure that there are no harmful chemicals on our food and also guarantees that they are not GMOs which are being engineered to get used in conjunction with a single harmful chemical such as Round-Up or Agent Orange.
  • Organic farming maintains healthy soil – not only that you grocery choices dictate your health it also dictates the earth. Since non-organic foods are being sprayed with toxic chemicals that kill everything other than the crop itself, it includes killing the living organisms that a plant needs to grow and make the soil rich in nutrients.
  • Organics do not inhibit the growth of super strains – since nature always adapts, chemicals sprayed to kill bugs only make them grow and adapt to overcome the horrible toxins used to kill them. An organism that eats the plant will continue to grow and adapt until there’s no longer anything to control over it.organic superfoods
  • Organic farming supports pollinators – the sprayed herbicides and pesticides do the same thing to good and bad bugs, since they cannot differentiate it, what it does is kill everything. A certain level of biodiversity has to be always maintained in order for there to be life on earth. Healthy growing techniques are practices in organic farming to maintain that necessary level of biodiversity.
  • Organics support a healthier farm lifestyle and a healthier community – Growing food from an organic way of farming does not harm the community surrounding it. Toxins are being kept out of the air through organics, out of drinking water, and out of the soil. Another benefit includes farmers not exposed to herbicides and pesticides all day, plus if you buy the food at the market where it’s grown, the costs and emissions of transportation lessen.
  • Organic foods are more nutrient rich! – a healthy, rich, and organic dirt allows organics to get their nutrients. A speck of dirt that is healthy should be free from fertilizers. Synthetic fertilizers lead to nutrient deficiency crops grown from the same thing that fuels the car.

There are a lot more benefits of habanero powder that promote how good it is for your body and the environment include: organics are not single cropped, they are often more delicious, it keeps harmful pesticides and herbicides out of the ocean, and organics don’t cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

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