Spices and Herbs: Flavoring Up While Keeping Healthy Meals

When dieting, it is not necessary to have your meal or snack naked. There are many ways to make your meal plan a bit palatable than usual. Adding spice blends like herbs and dried spices can make food tastier. These are natural flavors that even help boost your health. Cooking with herbs and spices are great during cooler weather and comfort foods. Spices offer some unique way to experience your favorite dishes. You can even experiment with new dishes within your dietary plan. Herbs and spices are so flavorful and are much better cut back on less healthy ingredients. Instead of using salt, sugar, and added fat, spices are way healthier flavors. So if you might consider adding spices in your meal, here are some tips for you.

Choosing The Real Flavors

Food with real natural herbs and spices that work together can give health benefits. Add a natural ingredient into your food instead of supplements like cinnamon extract. Spices are the best flavor combinations without adding energy content to your food. You can dry your own fresh herbs that grow in your garden and brew them in your coffeemaker. All your strength and effort will be worth the quality improvement into your food. Or you can make things simpler and buy quality store-herbs. Then learn some spice recipes to flavor up your dishes.

Adding spice blends

Basic Spice Recipes

Creating your spice blends by grinding them up in a coffee grinder is great to ensure quality. But, you can also have them on spice stores to cut the hassle. Herbs are much likely dried leaves, no need to grind them. You can also mix them on any food as they are. Spices are also easy to prepare, you can have them while cooking or add right after. Here are some tips about adding flavors to your next meal.

  • If you want to add sweetness and spice in your meal, this is great. It is like a pumpkin spice mix to soothe an upset stomach. Thus, you are only adding flavor to your meal but, also help fight inflammation. Cardamom contains high magnesium and zinc minerals which is pretty healthy.
  • Chili Peppers. Chilies are more likely dried or powder that will give your food a kick. It will spice up your meal while boosting your metabolism. Spicy foods with natural additives can also help keep blood vessels healthy.
  • Another sweet flavor is cinnamon, they are low calorie containing flavors. You can spoil your sweet buds without ingesting calories, plus they are sugar-free. Cinnamon is not that expensive and it complements to almost anything. You can also add them to your coffee and tea.

Herbs and Spices

It is very common to see spices in seeds, roots or flower buds, or anything dried or ground. These are natural ingredients that add flavor as garlic and onion does. They are healthier and offer some health benefits. Thus, you can now have your diet meals full of flavors, not naked.

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