Ways of using Ras el Hanout recipes

There are no definite ingredients for Ras el Hanout. The number of ingredients can vary from ten to eighty. You can try out different flavours by adding different ingredients. There are ingredients of all flavours from sweet to spicy. Similarly, there is more than one way of using Ras el Hanout in your recipes. Here are a few ways in which you can use Ras el Hanout in your recipes.

Ras El Hanout dish

Chicken and ras el hanout

You can make a great Ras El Hanout dish using chicken. You can try out a lot of dishes like basic Grilled el Hanout Chicken which is very easy to make. If you want something spicier, harissa is the way to go. You could also try Ras el Hanout Chicken Kebabs which consists of garlic and lemon juice. You can also make Moroccan Chicken Flatbreads by marinating the chicken overnight and then skewering it and grill it. While serving, add some tomato sauce and garlic yoghurt on the flatbread. Some Chicken dishes like Baked Feta and Shaved Salad can be baked which develops full flavours when they are accompanied with great spices and high-quality ingredients.

Lamb and ras el hanout

You can make a lot of dishes using Lamb and Ras El Hanout. Some of the dishes are Crockpot Lamb Tajine, which is easier to make. You can also make it better by adding Moroccan flavours which generally includes chillies and red pepper flakes. IF you want to make some sweeter, you can cook Slow Cooker Lamb Ras el Hanout which is made with honey and thyme. This when served with rice and mint leaves, pomegranate seeds or toasted pine nuts and make the dish truly delicious. Or else you can cook Lamb Tagine with toppings of dried cherries, almonds, and sweet potatoes.


Chicken and Lamb Ras el Hanout are some of the most common dishes which are enjoyed by a lot of people.

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