Hypervigilance or some other calls it paranoia is sometimes a good idea to keep yourself safe from the things that you believed to cause harm to you especially nowadays that there are tons of scams and fraudulent activities and schemes roaming around us especially in the internet wherein you can encounter one regularly through mobile phone, email, text messages and most especially websites.

If you happen to be a person who is always using the internet and at the same time, an avid gambler, well let me tell you that you are the number one prospect victims of fraud and scams considering that there are tons of online casino websites that take advantage of the thousands of unknowingly gamblers and punters who are not aware of these scammers that lurk around the internet.

fraudulent online transactions

In this article, dewatogel99 will teach you on how to spot fake online casino websites from the legitimate online casino websites and online betting sites. These rogue online casino sites are often displaying pirated online casino games, mysterious payment records, and fraudulent online transactions.

So here are the three critical things that you should consider before continuing your way into that website.

  • No license to operate- All legitimate online casino sites and online gambling sites are required to possess a license to operate from its base of origin. As we all know a lot of gambling websites and online betting sites are based offshore and it is their responsibilities to secure a license to operate from its gambling regulating agency that is mandated by its government to issue licenses to sportsbooks and online gambling sites who met their set of requirements and standards. Each of these sportsbooks and online gambling sites has a separate page wherein the visitor or potential client can access the license and determine its authenticity, unlike fake sites that do not have even a license to show up.
  • Talk of the town- Gambling industry is a huge and complicated world and lucky for you, there are a lot of online gambling forums and review pages that offer gamblers around the world the latest news in the gambling industry especially sportsbooks where it regularly posts forums and updates on the latest odds of the biggest sporting events in the world. These also posts reviews from people who have experienced playing in a legit and a fake online casino sites so it is easy for you to determine and list down those that are legit and the fake ones. It is easy to identify the fake ones all gathered the negative reviews.
  • Does not have testing certification- All legit online casinos follow a set of standards and quality assurances before it can operate fully. These certificates come from gambling regulating agencies from its base of origins and from its game software developers to determine its fairness and winning chances of the gambler. To determine this, legit online casino sites have the names of the software developers on the bottom of its page, unlike fake sites that do not have one.

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