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Corporate philanthropy is the concept of harmonizing the modus operandi towards more responsible action for shared social and environmental changes. By definition, corporate charity is no different from individual charity aimed at the greater good.

Growing awareness of making corporations

There is a growing awareness of making corporations more responsible in their efforts to achieve a path of independent growth. In our constant desire to grow and improve, we irresponsibly used natural resources, which now causes us great concern. There is an immediate requirement to put things on the right track and promote a philosophy of responsible life. Several tribal communities have long led an independent lifestyle, while maintaining their basic livelihoods.

The Apatani community in northeastern India follows one of these sustainable growth models by combining rice farming with fish farming, creating a self-sufficient and energy-efficient agricultural ecosystem. Companies are adapting to this idea, changing their approach from cradle to grave to cradle to cradle in order to achieve a more sustainable growth path.

Hamed Wardak

Corporate social responsibility is realized mainly in three aspects: educational progress, social development and environmental protection in the process of upbringing of values, the main changes and behavior necessary to achieve overall social development.

The government of India, in an effort to make corporations more accountable to the company to which they belong, offered 2% of the after-tax profit in the 2012 bill on corporate philanthropy. We can achieve our goal more quickly and responsibly if we combine our efforts to achieve changes in society. India requires a strong commitment from all sectors to develop education, health care and infrastructure in order to achieve self-reliance.


A large percentage of children in the country still do not attend school, which creates a high demand for adequate education. Hamed Wardakknows that an uneducated society cannot fully realize its capabilities and embark on the path of self-sufficiency. Education should be aimed at making the generation more responsible and committed to the preservation of the environment.

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