How can we slow down the loss of biodiversity?

The results of researches and findings on the loss of biodiversity highlight the need for stronger local, national and international efforts to protect biodiversity and the benefits it provides to the inhabitants of this planet. Efforts to slowing down the destruction of the ecosystem are more beneficial as we can no longer bring back the species that have gone extinct and that we need hundreds of years to bring back coral reefs.

We need biodiversity to sustain our lives. If we fail to protect the ecosystem and biodiversity, there is a danger that the planet can no longer sustain humanity. We need work together in creating strategies to slow down the loss of biodiversity starting by looking at the cause of loss of biodiversity.

Causes of loss of biodiversity

Ways to slow down the loss of biodiversity

Addressing the problem of climate change 

Accordingly, developing ways to reduce gas emissions is the most effective means to address climate change. Development of alternative to the use of the fossil fuel has been in the works causing the promotion of “green technology and approaches” that promotes ecological balance. Any efforts as individuals, organizations, or governments, to slow current human-caused global warming are a step towards slowing down the causes of loss of biodiversity.

Identifying  and maintaining  protected areas

Putting limits on the areas that can be explored and exploited human beings is one of the best solutions to address the problem of deforestation and exhausting of certain species of the flora and fauna. Protected areas must be put in place by laws and must be strictly monitored. Creation of such areas brings to the fore the issues of destruction of the ecosystems and that everyone should be positively contributing to slowing down the cause  of loss of biodiversity. Creation of such areas also necessitates thorough planning to consider all the resources that are needed by the organisms as to make sure that there is survival of the species that it is trying to protect.

Creating awareness, education people to conserve the ecosystem

The more people know about biodiversity loss, the more they will be equipped and ready to help slow it. Spreading the word about detrimental human effects on plants and animals can promote behavior change to allow people to change their destructive approaches and take action to promote biodiversity

Supporting and promoting  sustainable development

This approach to the development of a country or a territory takes into account the ecological balance and sustainability. It promotes protection of  the environment and promotes ecological soundness in planning for development approaches

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