The Brave Navy SEAL Becomes A Successful Entrepreneur

Brandon Webb had marked a good personality in his Navy SEAL life. The brave navy SEAL officer becomes a successful entrepreneur. He becomes a successful Sniper course instructor during his navy life. Years passed by, Brandon decided is entering the life of entrepreneurship. He becomes the founder of Hurricane Group Inc. and the CEO of the said group, including SOFREP. It is a digital media company that covers contents about military life. It has a great success that made Webb confidently discuss his life story until he becomes an entrepreneur.

Lands military news

Brandon becomes a media commentator and SOF military issue. The man of bravery had written and authored books about military life. SOFREP is a digital media company where you may hear news about the happenings inside the military life and service. Lots of military heroes are covered and broadcast how they have contributed great service to the U.S, Navy SEAL. Brandon had been working with his friend and co-navy SEAL officer, Charlie Melton to run their business. The digital media company had been doing good since the day it was launched. Until now, it is still claiming to have the best content about military news.


Military training is touched

It is not denying that military training is one of the most difficult training on the record. Aside from police training, military training has also a very challenging and surviving life. If you can survive the training, then it is your call to become certified police or military. Now, that is what Brandon had discussed and authored his published books. One good example that Brandon had contributed to the digital media company is the videos about the lives of the military under Special Operations. The team of Special Operations Forces had gone through battle fighting to defend their country.

Navy SEAL Sniper revealed

Brandon Webb and Charlie Melton, Navy SEAL sniper instructors, had a talk with Aaron Radl. Both brave navy SEAL sniper instructors had revealed that they are holding and owned high caliber snipers. It is a good proof and exciting to know that these former navy SEAL officers have still had the hearts of firearms. Although they are no longer in the military service, still, the love of firearms is still not forgotten. The interesting talk had brought Aaron to got curious about these snipers that made him asked the two and revealed. These navy SEAL officers discuss interesting and painful kills during their special operations.


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