Wardak’s Passion to help others

It gives immense joy and pleasure to serve people. People who are underprivileged around us need our help. Whatever little way we can help, can bring positive change in their lives. You may not need abundant financial resources to help, if you can give a little bit of time, you can help people around you.

It is the duty and responsibility of educated persons to uplift the society. Hamed Wardak who was born in Afghanistan and graduated in US, has done an extraordinary service. After his studies, he moved back to his home country Afghanistan. He took active participation in rehabilitations activities during the civil war in Afghanistan, such as providing provisions and medical equipment to the needy. He worked with US and Afghanistan people to strengthen the process of achieving sustainability etc.

His greatest area of contribution is supporting refugees. He is very concerned about them and committed much of his life for their betterment and upliftment.He started Ludas Athletics and used part of its profits for the refugees.

He was a son of Afghanistan Defence minister and graduated in Government and Political Theory. He has started the campaign for a US-Afghanistan Partnership (CUSAP) along with other founders. CUSAP strives to achieve partnership between America and Afghanistan.

If people who are willing to serve others can come together and form associations, they can do service on big level. Knowing this, Hamed also collaborated with other associations i.e. Irie Foundation etc and helping youth with scholarships. Thus he is contributing towards education which is the solution for many ills in the society.

Many people think of helping people around them but do not execute their ideas. They may find it difficult to put their thoughts into practice. It is not easy as we need to sacrifice, plan properly, ready to face challenges to help people really. However, having a passion to serve people is a first requirement to become succeed in this.

Hamed overcome all such hurdles and has made a true effort to bring changes in the lives of many.

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