Why People Prefer Getting Custom Awards

Awards are really great.  They can make you involved and feel great.  It’s obviously very fun to be receiving an award but again, to be honest, one also enjoys giving Custom Awards and then watching out the reaction of the recipients more!

And nothing really is better when you give someone a custom award. This kind of award holds a much deeper meaning to the recipient.  Instead of standard shape with some personalized impression, the complete award is personal too.  Whether it’s the company’s image or a good that reflects the gusto of your organization, custom award will well be cherished for many years to come.

Types Of Custom Awards

The custom awards have a very wide variety of sizes, shapes and of course materials, including the sculpture awards, the fabricated awards, the medallions, plaques, etc. Each of these types of custom awards offers an opportunity to make a positive, and long-lasting impression in, presentation, on event and recipient. However, each award presents a different “award profile” in terms of the design possibilities, price points and required lead times. A couple of custom awards are defined below.

Types Of Custom Awards

  • The Custom Culture Award

The sculpture awards are one of the most standard form of custom award that is being produced. The possible sizes and shapes of these awards are near to limitless – The produced sculptures are as small as a few inches high, to monumental sculptures that are almost over 30 feet tall. Almost all the sculpture awards are made of pewter or bronze and can also feature a wide variety of texture, colour and plating options.

  • The Fabricated Custom Award

One can fabricate custom awards by using a variety of components, including wood, metal, plastic, glass etc. Unlike the sculpture awards, that are cast, the fabricated awards are well hand-produced one at a time.

These awards generally have a shorter time span than the sculpture awards, as they don’t require model, or the casting process.

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