About the treatment of cellulite

Despite the diets, intense exercise, tight and dense clothes that support the body and prevent sagging … even “fashionable” supplements that supposedly melt fat and weight… cellulite remains. Cellulitis: the death of a middle-aged woman or at least one of the nightmares! But what is cellulite and where does it come from? Perhaps, most importantly, can this be eliminated, or at least somehow reduced for the modern woman and her active and modern lifestyle?

How cellulite develops?

Unfortunately, almost all women develop cellulite with age, especially women who have passed puberty, that is, almost all women! The reasons for this generation and the accumulation of cellulite are not fully understood. Blame evolution, blame rational design or God, even blame genes that their ancestors carried with them centuries ago. But the charge, of course, will not force the cellulite to leave.

process of cellulite accumulation

Under its first layers of skin, epidermal layers and dermis, there are three layers of fat, and mysterious cellulite develops in the subcutaneous layer of fat, the surface layer of fat in the human body. female. It is important to confirm that cellulite is more a description than a real object. In other words, cellulite is not so much new fat as it is, but a modification of the topography of the skin in the form of dimples, which usually appears in the pelvic area, lower limbs, and abdominal cavity.

In the process of cellulite accumulation, “fat fractions” in the layer are organized in the chambers by the surrounding filaments of fibrous connective tissue. Since these fibrous filaments are arranged vertically, the accumulation of fat can occur very easily, as well as quite fully. The vertical nature of the filaments and body fat also causes the detection of cellulite: fat deposits cause the skin to stretch inward to the body, while the fat around the threads pushes and causes wrinkles and bumps associated with classic cellulite. This colorful, wrinkled and wrinkled transformation directly under the skin is a normal and natural part of the life cycle of every woman, but, unfortunately, this is not a very valuable process. Most women would like to avoid cellulite altogether, although this is not possible, at least not even in the 21st century.

Fix the appearance of cellulite

There are better cellulite treatments to fix the appearance of cellulite such as the use of FASCIABLASTER tool that that is a self-treatment to your body, although there are still no treatments that are 100% successful and fully prove the state of cellulite. The first thing to remember is that cellulite is a natural phenomenon in women, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. On the other hand, like wrinkles, age spots, and hair loss, but people also don’t like these events!

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