Cellulite massager – which one should you choose? Advantages of anti-cellulite massage

A cellulite massager will help to deal with an orange peel. The choice of massagers is huge; it depends primarily on the preferences and wealth of the wallet. Regardless of the device purchased, the most important is accurate and regular massage. See a review of popular FasciaBlaster  anti-cellulite massagers.

Wooden cellulite massager

The wooden anti-cellulite massager is one of the simplest and cheapest. It is used for problems with lymph flow and excess fat, for example, on the thighs or buttocks. A sticky massager is recommended for these areas of the body. When buying a wooden cellulite massager, it is worth paying attention to whether it is solidly made, because you need to use force during the massage, so the equipment must be durable. Plastic massagers are less durable and last longer. Cellulite treatment FasciaBlaster with a manual massager can be performed anywhere, including in the shower with body oil or after applying a firming cream.

Ultrasonic cellulite massager

The ultrasonic massager works by emitting ultrasounds causing vibrations under the skin. As a result, it breaks down bad-looking lumps of fat. In addition, during such a massage, you can freely stimulate the temperature, which also has an effect on getting rid of cellulite. A good ultrasonic massager costs around PLN 200. It usually has several massage options. Ultrasonic massagers are not much larger than wooden ones. They take up little space, e.g., in a suitcase. An additional element is a battery or charger

Vacuum cellulite massager

Vacuum cellulite massager stands out from the rest because it stimulates the immune system. This type of demo massage affects deeper skin tissues. The treatment involves sucking in a designated area of ​​the body. Unlike manual massagers that fight cellulite, this device is not recommended for regular use for a long time. The vacuum massager guarantees better and faster results than other massagers. The reason why ladies often avoid vacuum massagers is the pain that massage (or SPM) can cause. Inadequate intensity adjustment even results in the rupture of blood vessels. The cost of a vacuum massager for cellulite (of average quality) ranges from PLN 100 to PLN 200. The price, in most cases, depends on the number of modes they have. Vacuum massagers without the ability to adjust the massage power are usually cheaper.

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