Ins and outs of zio patch

Sometimes, it’s necessary to monitor heart rhythm for a longer time than the short duration an EKG or any stress test takes. This is where the significance of a Zio patch lies. Either an implantable loop order or a zio patch is used to evaluate heart rhythm. Today we will discuss thoroughly about heart rhythm monitoring with Zio patch.

Zio patch is basically a sticker that is placed on the chest of the patient. It has an electrode that readily monitors the heart rhythm. This monitoring is done for about 2 weeks.

Zio patch is a water resistant EKG monitor that comes without any external wire or lead. The patch is placed on the upper left chest of the person and it can record a systematic every beat to beat EKG for a whole 14 days. Remember that each of the Zio patches is designed for a single patient usage.

cardiologist in marylandThe Procedure

The patients can carry on with their everyday chores even during monitoring. If they feel any unusual symptom, they can press the trigger button set on the device to highlight the recording from 45 seconds prior to the button has been pressed to 45 seconds after it. The wearer should also carry a paper log by their side to keep a record of the symptoms during the entire 14 day period. This will help the doctors to get an insight into the condition of the patient’s heart and offer a remedy.

After the duration of monitoring is over, the wearer takes out this patch and mails it to the agency or sends to the lab. The recording is taken out of the device and analyzed by the practitioners. The use is a distinct machine learning algorithm known as the ZEUS system or Zio ECG utilization service system. It is further reviewed and analyzed by a licensed cardiac technician.

This report then is sent digitally to the web based portal and then to the doctor. The patients can themselves collect the report from the center or they can directly send the report to the concerned doctor. Based on the report, their condition is analyzed and remedy is provided.

Ziopatch monitoring is recommended by the doctors to the people who have several symptoms as the following: diabetes, high blood cholesterol level, family history of having stroke or heart diseases and so on. Therefore you must reveal your and your family’s health condition to get a prescribed zio patch session.

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