Things to know about synthetic urine

The fake pee is a type of powdered kit of urine which is turning into people choice when the need a product of real urine stimulation. This is the foremost product which is recommended around regardless of sophistication of experiment that includes all the important chemicals as the uric acid. At home, before one can experiment, you just need to mix it with water and stick heater on vial opposite of temperature strip. Read temperature strip and proceed with whole experiment. These synthetic urine kits actually looks, behave and smell chemically as the drug free human urines.

passing a hair folicle drug test

Fills with confidence

It also fills the user with complete confidence knowing that fake pee is able in meeting all requirements, no matter sophistication of experiment. They give you almost everything but only with water, as it the synthetic urine is drug free powdered form of urine in a 50 ml of the plastic vial medical, the air activate heater which lasts for around 6 hours, temperature strip and instruction sheet which includes all tips and hints. The same plastic transportation vial which comes with fake urine kit holds around 50 ml. the guidelines of the same states that one should submit around 45 ml for the same which is considered as valid.

This fake pee comes as 5ml extra and one can even add around 25 ml of extra water if needed. This kit as said includes the air activated heater that takes around 20 to 40 minutes for getting water in vial in midst of 90 to 99 degree. The strip which reads temperature is between 90 or 100 degrees and considered as accurate highly, reusable and called as high quality component kit so that one can know exactly as when they good for going.

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