Ultimate Guide To Using A Massage Roller Stick

If you don’t have any previous experience with massaging, consult an expert first. In general, it is not difficult to use a massage roll stick such as from FasciaBlaster as it is designed to be a self-help tool for massage. Try to respect your body and apply just as much pressure as you feel comfortable. Lower the weight if you feel pain or discomfort, and everything should be perfect.

The amount of pressure you need to apply and the type of movement depend on the part of the body your massage as well. That’s why I’ve designed a detailed guide that will guide you with a rolling stick through every aspect of massage.

Here Is How You Can Massage Your Thigh Area


Stand up or sit up. Place the muscle roller on the front of your thighs gently. Slowly roll up and down the massage stick. Depending on your personal needs and preferences, you can adjust the amount of pressure and tempo. You can massage both thighs at once or separately, depending on the length of your stick, but don’t forget to press the sides as well.


Crouch or find the right position to reach the back of your thighs comfortably. To apply some pressure, place the muscle roller stick and roll it from your buttocks to the end of your knees. Do this at your own pace; feel comfortable and soothing.


You can either sit or stand up for your calves to get massaged. The rolling stock, as well as the sides, should get used for the back of your calves. Apply the comfortable amount of pressure, and the message will not only loosen your muscles but also relax your legs.

The soles of your feet

Place your feet on a mat (or a rug) and place the roll massage stick below them. Roll your feet on the ring. After a long walk, this massage is particularly pleasant as it quickly loosens your soles. If you’ve felt the advantages of reflexology, this massage will indeed also thank you.

Massage Method

The region of the Lumbar

Sooner or later, in our lumbar area, we all experience tension or pain. It can be very debilitating, leaving us unable to lead a healthy life and to fulfil our daily responsibilities. In such a situation, the massage roller stick is an excellent tool for massaging the lumbar region. You can sit or stand up; you can put the stick on the lower back. Roll it up and down your lumbar spine gently and slowly. When it comes to this area, there is no need for speed or pressure as it is highly sensitive, so make sure that you are as comfortable as possible.

Muscles of the back and trapeze. Massage roller stick is also an excellent tool for rubbing the leg. Both your back and trapezoidal muscles can get massaged. Tell someone else (experienced) to do it for you if you don’t feel comfortable massaging yourself. You should go slow and apply little pressure, as with the lumbar region.

More Benefits Of Using This Massage Method

What’s the fuss around muscle roller stick? It’s just a simple device that can help relieve the muscle pain in minutes. You see, it is prevalent for us to experience muscle cramps after working out since the muscles and joints are subjected to more pressure than they are used to. A muscle roller can quickly resolve this problem. Its mechanism is necessary, but it has been proven that it offers many health benefits.

The flexibility of the body muscles. As the stick rolls out and stretches muscle fibres that are within the parts of your body, tendons and ligaments effectively, your muscle’s flexibility is being increased. Moreover, this is the reason why creating a routine that is possible to use with a muscle roller can be quite helpful. For starters on this activity or method, it can help lengthen and strengthen hip flexors to avoid discomfort or uneasy feeling after sitting for long hours of therapy.

Circulation of the blood. As pressure is being applied to your body, it induces a suction in the areas of your veins, which allows for pulling in more blood that is needed by your body, thereby increasing the circulation. The roller therapy facilitates smooth blood flow through the skin, fascia, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Proper distribution of the blood means your body gains more nutrients and flushes out toxins and wastes more effectively and appropriately.

Pain Relief. You can find knots and sore muscles with the roller. Through rubbing out these painful areas on your body, therefore, pain is relieved.

Muscle Growth and Reconstruction. Muscles require glycogen for them to develop or repair as they need these nutrients for the tissue and repairing can be done quite accurately. So blood flow is a crucial aspect of supplying glycogen to the muscles in our body. Blood flow alone can get limited after exercise due to trigger points and tight muscles. Using a muscle roller helps prevent glycogen loss in your muscles as it usually encourages good circulation.

Good Rest. It would help if you relaxed with a muscle roller ring. And for REM sleep stimulation is critical. Massages are known to help improve a person’s quality of sleep.

Prevention of injury. The loosening of muscles helps to prevent damage from occurring. Using a stick before exercising helps the muscles to warm up. Remember, muscles are like rubber bands. They do better when warm, and when left to cool, they are likely to snap.

Breaks Down Soft Tissue Adhesion. You can develop adhesions if you do a lot of training, competing or intense workout sessions. It’s a condition where muscle, fascia, and other tissues stick together. Massaging using a roller stick can help correct this issue.

Improved Mood. It is easy to feel good when your body feels too. Relieving stress, body pains, and getting better sleep means you will most likely have a better mood.

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