Wart removal-Get rid of your warts today

Warts are small bumps which occur on the skin as a result of a virus called “human papilloma virus”. They are often projected as uncomfortable and ugly looking. They are round or oval in shape and occur alone or in groups. Warts may be lighter or darker than the skin around it. They might sometimes form into patches. Learn more about wart removal process on http://www.wartremover.net/

Who does it affect?  Warts are contagious. They get transferred from one person to another with a mere touch of the affected area. The parts of the body which are exposed to water like hands, legs, feet etc are more prone to warts. Children and young adults commonly are affected by Skin warts. Some chronic skin conditions like eczema and people with a weak immune system may have uncontrollable warts.


Though this is a common problem and disappears in some time in most of the people, they are sometimes very troublesome. In that case, the patient is bound to undergo treatment under a medical practitioner.

Wart removal is not a tough task. The kind of treatment one should undergo depends on the medical practitioners’ preferences and any underlying health conditions. Also the area where the wart is located should also be taken into consideration. For example plantar warts occur on the feet and flat warts occur on the face, neck, hands and legs.

Home remedies

Acid application– Salicylic acid is the most common and successful treatment for warts. It comes in the form of liquid or patch and is directly applied to the wart. It is the best and safest mode of treatment which can be used for children also.

Soak the affected area in water and leave it till the medicine completely gets absorbed into the skin and allow the skin to dry completely. Now, apply the gel pack to the wart and leave it for sometime or the best would be to leave it overnight. Rub the wart gently with a soft cloth or a pumice stone to discard any kind of unwanted bacteria. Continue this for one or two weeks until you are sure that the virus is completely gone. Do not panic if you find any rashes or small injuries as it is common. Visit http://www.wartremover.net/

Tapes – Another way of treating is with Duct tapes. Fold the tape around the area and do not open it till 6 days. After opening the tape, soak the affected area in water and clean it. Then retie it for another 6days.

Liquid nitrogen:  Liquid nitrogen is a frozen liquid that is applied to the wart by freezing it.

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