What to Ask your Dentist Before Root Canal Treatment

If you have severe toothache due to some type of tooth infection, take this good news when your dentist tells you that you need a root canal. This means that you don’t need to extract the tooth, and there is a way to save it.

An infection that can be preserved by treating the root canal is often caused by an untreated cavity.

Your tooth may have inflammation from an injury or other extensive procedure previously performed on your teeth. For example, you could have fillers that were beaten. The root canal not only relieves toothache. It also helps prevent the spread of bacteria to the jaw.

But before this treatment, consultation with a dental expert is very important. You should make sure that a professional carefully examines your teeth and your medical history. You should also know what questions to ask. This will help you have realistic expectations and avoid risks after the procedure.

DentistYou should make sure you are a good candidate for root canal treatment. You should ask the specialist who treats you at the root canal dental clinic Singapore what exactly is the problem with your teeth. You should also inform him about all the problems he has with his teeth. This is the only way you can evaluate whether root canal treatment is right for you. If you think this will not solve your problem, you should recommend another procedure to solve it.


You should also ask how the treatment will be carried out and how many visits will be necessary to complete it. After evaluating your problem, he can tell you the number of visits and the duration of each session. You should also accept that your tooth will go numb or have a mild sedative effect.

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