Things To Keep In Mind During Granite Selection

Granite is one of the most popular rocks in the world. It is the most common igneous rock found at the earth’s surface. Granite is used for a variety of purposes. From floor tiles, paving stones, curbing stair treads to building veneer, it has found innumerable applications in daily human activities. On of the most common use of granite is done for making countertops. Its durability and variety makes it the most preferres countertop material. Granite is a composite rock made up of quartz and feldspar. It is a fairly tough and strong material that lasts for a durable amount of time. There are several things that you should consider during Granite Selection.

Granite should complement cabinets

Matching the granite with the cabinets gives your kitchen a very elegant look. Matching the granite with the cabinets is possible in two ways, either match the color or pair the veining and marbling. Choose a granite that is similar in color with the cabinets but with a slightly dark veining. Granite is available in all variety of colours. You can choose your desired colour to complement your kitchen.

Choose granite with a good pattern

Granite is available in three basic patterns i.e. solid, speckled and marbled. Solid granite is ideal for smaller kitchens as it has very little variation in its patterns. This does not make the area look cramped or congested. Speckled granite is very popular due to its availability in various colors and patterns. It adds up to the elegance of the kitchen. Marbled granite is transitioned between texture and color.

Consider the lighting

Choosing light or dark granite is important. Light-colored granite makes the area looks larger. It is ideal for a smaller kitchen. Drak colored granite gives a classy and dynamic look to your kitchen. You can choose from various different options available.

Getting the correct granite for your kitchen is very important. You must keep these things in mind while Granite Selection.

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