Over the years, along with improvement in quality, more and more emphasis is being put on efficiency. People aim to achieve maximum utilization of resources with minimum wastage. The same applies to the utilization of space, especially in residential areas. In most apartments and condominiums, preferred by students and young professionals alike, space is at a premium.

Mentioned below are a few methods to ensure efficient and productive utilization of space in apartments and other residential buildings.

Dress according to weather: – Keep clothes that you are unlikely to wear stored in such a way that it does not cause clutter and inconvenience. For e.g. in summer, keep all your sweaters, jackets and gloves stored safely in your closet so that you don’t stumble over it while looking for your beachwear. Take adequate measures to check that it is stored safely and does not fall prey to insects, rodents etc.


Look up: – In apartments, a lot of space above appliances and cupboards goes unutilized, leading to crowding and shortage of space in other areas. Purchase shelves and cupboards that reach the ceiling and make sure that not an even inch goes unused. Wall mounted shelves are also an option, as they eliminate the need for separate cupboards and shelves which consume a lot of space. They free up this space for other items. If you are a gardening enthusiast, opt for vertical gardens in your terraces and balconies. Doing so frees up space for keeping furniture there while maintaining aesthetics.

Sleep a little higher: – Raise your beds and ensure adequate storage space underneath it. Replace the monster under your bed with all the memorabilia from your past that you are reluctant to throw away. Cover these boxes with sheets to prevent dust accumulation on your favorite photo albums and CDs. You can also buy bins that are produced primarily for storage under beds.

Opt for versatile appliances: – When shopping for your apartment, but items that can be used for multiple purposes. This allows you a lot more space in your apartment to be creative and make it more aesthetically pleasing and functional. For e.g. instead of using your dining table just for meals, enhance its value to space ratio by using it as a makeshift workspace. Opt for wall mounted TVs. They look classy, and also allow you to use the table normally used to mount the TV to store books, CDs or as a showcase rack.

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