Is it a Modern approach – Wooden sash windows?

There are some things in our world which can be called timeless beauties…..The Wooden sash windows comes definitely under these. The history of these leads us back to the 17th century, to England. Some of the words to describe these are – Royal, Elegant, Ethnic, and Modern, timeless. These may not suffice to stress the point. There is always this flawless feel about the wood which is natural by the way. There are a variety of materials used for manufacturing the furniture right now, but they will not be able to overshadow the mysticism of the wood. The flexibility is also one thing about the wood which makes it timeless.  There lies beauty even in the distortions of the wood without any doubt.

The wooden look to a house is indescribable. Even though classy it also stands as modern at the same time.  The wooden sash windows are a combination of traditional charm and effortless function. They will make the home energy efficient by providing uninterrupted yet adjustable ventilation. They provide an authentic look to the home which makes the home elegant. There is another added advantage- these can be installed in to the already existing window frames.

By installing the laminated, double glazed, draught sealed, painted (with micro porous paint) wooden sash windows which are durable, the look of the house can be changed effortlessly. There are a variety of technologies used to increase the longevity like triple laminating, double glazing, weather proof painting and draught proofing.

Sash wooden timber windows are modern, ecstatic and beautiful

The term modern indicates the things which can be easily handled, hustle free maintenance, which are timeless and which are in trend always. This approach perfectly suits them. These are timeless and can be handled easily, durable with a touch of history and tradition at the same time. So definitely these will be a modern take on the old classics. Contradicting to the modern the classics are the ones which are to be preserved unchanged. The basic model of the sash windows remained unchanged. Even though these are primitive, their functioning and the ease of handling made them timeless.

All the things which have to be used over a long time need proper maintenance without saying.  These also need some time to time maintenance like cleaning the glass and the windows, oiling the hinges and the pulleys, painting with weather stripping/moisture resistant paints, sealing the leaks. So by following this little routine we can keep the homes with wooden sash windows, modern yet classy and elegant.

Here the installation may look pretty easy to do it by yourself but it is best left to the professionals especially the last kind of fitting. Here, the actually fitting may not be cumbersome but the built up has to be done by the professional.


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