Maintenance of Existing Timber Sash Windows

The Timber Sash windows are used since 17th Century. Though there are a lot of changes took place since then, the basic model remained the same. They never backed off in the trend game.

The main parts are the window frame, sashes, cords and pulley. The longevity of these sash windows can be obtained through proper maintenance.  By regular maintenance these will keep the home beautiful and classy. There are a bunch of problems which may occur and can be eliminated effectively with the help of maintenance.

Problems and remedies: Maintenance of Existing Timber Sash Windows

  1. Draughts: These are the small gaps which may occur around the frame area, which can be effectively eliminated by methods such as beading and sealing. By making the windows draught proof we can save more with the energy bills and give our contribution to the eco friendly existence. Other methods to handle the draughts are to use the fillers and to secure the corners with the corner brackets.
  2. Sticking: To avoid sticking we have to take care while painting, to not paint the frame. In case the sticking persists after careful painting we can take the help of the sharp knife to smooth out the frames carefully. To facilitate smooth movement of the windows we can rub some oil or wax on the hinges and pulley time to time.
  3. Wet rot: As these are made of timber, there is always the problem of rot behind our back. To avoid this we have to coat the timber properly with the weather proof paint often. Before painting we have to clean thoroughly and remove any flakes or debris. Then we have to apply the wood hardeners to fill any gaps and then polish and finally paint.

Nowadays the sash windows are coming with laminated woods and glazed glasses which make maintenance much easier. By following a proper maintenance routine the windows will last long and the problems such as cracked/flaky paint work, rattling, rot, leaks can be avoided and the elegance will be preserved

Maintenance key points :

  • Clean the glasses and the wood time to time.
  • To keep an eye while cleaning
  • Oiling or lubricating the hinges and the pulleys
  • Timely sash cord replacements
  • Polishing and glazing
  • painting with moisture resistant paint

By following this maintenance routine we can save a lot of money which we have to spend otherwise replacing them. The beauty and the elegance will be well preserved. Life span of wooden windows when well maintained cannot be rivalled by the vinyl ones. For an added security, you can even install window guards or security alarms. So, don’t wait anymore! Get one today.

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