Become a member of a reading club

Considered as an art of expression as well as singing or music, simple entertainment like so many others for some, a real passion for others, reading allows you to escape just for a moment. With the opening of bookstores and libraries here and there, not to mention literary blogs and reading clubs that flourish on the web as well as in real life, reading is still among the favorite hobbies of the French. . 91% of them say they are big readers. But it’s even more rewarding for a reading buff to enroll in a book CRATE CLUB  than to prefer solitary reading. Do you dream to share your passion for reading with other enthusiasts? Do you want to discover new literary works or better, meet in person with known authors? You must register for a book club. And we tell you everything on the subject.


Good reasons to register for a book club

Everyone thinks that the book CRATE CLUB  is just a weekly gathering where mothers, elderly ladies and library rats gather around a table to discuss the story and the favorite characters of a family. Delivered. But, the benefits of joining a reading club go beyond what one can hope for.

The book club promises you a greater openness

Through in-depth discussions on a particular book and the different points of view of club members, you will enrich your knowledge and appreciation of the world around you. You will be more inclined to appreciate other cultures, not only through the book but also through exchanges between members who may have different backgrounds.

The book club allows you to discover new literary genres

You are a reader who devotes himself to a particular literary genre? By integrating a book club, you will be more interested in other genres you have never read. You will also have a better approach of a kind by the suggestions of reading of the other members of the club. You will learn to appreciate other works and other genres while having the motivation to read.

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