Guide for beginners to help buy a best beach umbrelala

A beach umbrella is one that can protect you from sun, wind and rain at the beach. Often a beach umbrella is made of materials that are apt for using at the beach. However, depending on your preference and budget, you can chose from the variety of umbrellas available in the market. They all are available in different sizes, designs, materials, shapes etc. Here’s a simple guide to help you choose a best beach umbrella.

best beach umbrella

Guide for beginners to get a best beach umbrella

  1. Ease: The first point is to look for one that is easy to use. You do not want to struggle to set it up or to disassemble it. It should be an absolute fun and easy to do umbrella. Talking about the ease to use, it should also be comfortable to carry and transport. You do not want to have a problem and carry it all over the beach.
  1. Material: Usually there are 2 types of umbrellas, one is a pole style and the other is a canopy. When the pole style is easy to carry, it may have less coverage. On the other hand, a canopy is made from thick fabric which is usually polyester or cotton based material and hence the thicker the fabric, it gives better sun protection and it is heavier to carry also. Opt for umbrellas that have UV shielded coating that gives sun protection.
  1. Size: You should look for an umbrella that gives you maximum diameter of shade and for that an ideal umbrella should be at least 6 feet in diameter. You get umbrellas in ranges 6-9 feet. The highest the range, the more difficult it is to fix them. Also look for one that fits comfortably in your car.
  1. Protection: Look for umbrellas that have sun protection 30 and above. There are also those umbrellas that are sturdy and can withstand the high winds at the beach with the strong materials like fiber glass and steel stands being used. You can even opt for open vent canopy that allows air circulation to avoid blowing of the canopy in strong winds. Beach umbrellas also provide water resistance which is best in rain.

            A tip is to look for light colored umbrella rather than a dark colored one as they absorb less heat.

  1. Accessories: Other things like anchor, hook, and heavy base are some things that make the umbrella more sturdy and strong. Also ensure that the pole is flexible to tilt so that you can adjust it as required.


By following these simple and easy to remember tips, you can sure find a best beach umbrella that suits your requirement and budget. Click this link to get more .

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