In which case to use a compressor without oil?

Some compressors are offered without oil, which allows obtaining pure air output. They are therefore more ecological compressors (less polluting). They are usually used in the electronics business, particularly in semiconductor manufacturing, in the pharmaceutical industry, in the chemical industry, in the medical sector, in automobile assembly and finishing, and in the food industry.

If you have to choose an oil-free compressor, check that it meets the ISO 8573-1 compressed air humidity Class 0 standard, as it is the only class that guarantees the total absence of oil. The upper classes determine maximum amounts of oil in the compressed air, which usually requires them to be equipped with an air dryer. Oil-free compressors do not generally offer very high pressures and are not intended for concentrated employ.

oil-free compressor

For a piston compressor, lubrication can be replace by a Teflon or silicone outside layer that defend touching part. It can also be replace by inject water or water in a blocked circuit. These compressors are usually noisier, however, they need only reduced preservation.

What are the main engines for the compressor?

The most economical compressors are equipped with electric motors, but they are also the least powerful, especially if they are powered by a single phase. There are also compressors driven by heat engines ( diesel engines or gasoline engines ). Compressors equipped with a combustion engine are generally intended for outdoor use due to their exhaust compressed air humidity emissions.

How to choose an industrial air compressor?

To properly choose your air compressor, you first need to determine how often it will be used depending on the compressed air requirements of your request. You will also require to know if the compressor should be transportable, or if it will be install in a space. In this case, you must ensure that the compressor is well ventilated to ensure optimal cooling.

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