Stern & Stern – What You Need to Know About Nylon 6,6 Fabrics

Nylon fabric is also called Polyamide fabric. This is produced using a chemical process. When high heat and pressure is applied to fossil fuels, this will produce polyamide or nylon sheets. This will require a very high amount of heat and pressure to obtain these products.

nylon fabrics for industry

            Stern & Stern is one of the most popular manufacturers who produce nylon fabrics for industry use. They have been in this business since the late 30’s and is still continuing to produce the best products that are distributed in the market today. Through the years, the company is able to experiment with different processes to be able to produce the best end products.

What are Nylon 6,6 Fabrics

            Nylon 6,6 is a versatile product by Stern & Stern. Here are the best characteristics why you have to choose the Nylon 6,6 out of different options in the market:

  • This is relatively cheaper compared to other high modulus fibers.
  • This can be both heat and chemically treated for tight applications.
  • It has a melting point of 484°F.
  • Its tenacity is 9.5g/denier and hydrophobic.
  • This is quick-drying, abrasion and mildew resistant.
  • This is much preferred for such applications where it requires stretch and shock resistance.
  • When under low-temperature conditions, it can retain its properties.
  • Has a resistance in alkaline environments.
  • It has a significant strength degradation under extended UV exposure.

The Properties of Nylon and Polyamide Fabric

            Polyamide fabric can be very stretchy. It has a wide variety of finishes and luster. Nylon can be dull or very shiny, depending on the process that it went through. But you must remember that nylon fabric has a tendency to pill, attract soil, or create static cling. It can also contribute to the plastic pollution in waterways. When a nylon clothing goes through a laundry cycle, 19,000 of plastic microfibers is released into the water.

The Method of Cleaning Nylon & Polyamide Clothing

            Nylon clothing cannot stand the laundry process. It is important that you limit the number of times that you wash it to increase the lifespan of the garment. It is recommended to wash nylon clothing with cold cycles, using a mild detergent and letting it drip dry. The reason for this is because the nylon clothing will melt when it is exposed to a very high temperature of cleaning products. Since nylon fabric has the tendency to get dirty quickly, it pills when it is washed often. This will shorten the life of the fabric. Nylon products are expected to last for about 30 to 40 years to decompose.

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