Why Should You Use Engineered Flooring?

Installing a wooden flooring for your rooms can be a good option. However, before you do that, you may need to consider on your options. There are prominently two types of wooden flooring such as solid wooden floor and engineered wooden floors.

The solid wood flooring is known to be manufactured with the timber wood. The wood is mostly available in one piece. On the contrary, the engineered wood floors are made out of the real hardwood. These wooden floors are made with a layered base and are combined with various different layers of veneer. Among the two, the engineered wooden floor is known to give an elegant and rich wooden floor look.

Why Engineered Floor?

Although there are many wooden floors and laminated available in the market, the engineered wood flooring is a popular choice for home and office. It provides a decent charm as a solid floor and added to it, it is durable and strong too.

A big though which comes to our mind when we think about wooden floors is environmental damage. In comparison with other rich varieties of floors, the wooden flooring is the most elegant and most vulnerable product. They are known to expand and contract with change in climatic conditions. However, with the use of engineered flooring, this problem is reduced to one per cent. They do not expand and contract like the solid wooden floors do. Since, these wood are not made up of only one layer, the expansion and contraction is managed by other layers.

The engineered is installed by using a hot glue or elastic adhesive. This is simpler to install and also, more convenient to move the flooring. The solid wood is usually nailed into the floor. Due to the presence of adhesive it does not cause damage to sub-floors too.

There are different types of engineered wood too. The brands depend on various dealers. Ensure you have complete information about the product, before you pick your choice. Do not just go with the color. Understand about the richness, texture, characteristic of the product. The wood quality can be Teak, Oak or Walnut. Few dealers even allow customers to choose the quality of wood. Few are manufactured for the customers, while others are available for quick fitting.


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