Technology and its Role in Match Making

The need for humans to socialize and be in touch with one another has sparked the revolution in communication technology and has given birth to what we call the internet today. Advances in smartphone technology have put the internet in almost everyone’s hands literally. The phrase, “glued to the screen” has never been truer in today’s everyday scenario in everywhere you look. So, the need for socialization and technology converged to bring about changes in how we meet each other and our significant others. Technology has come to the way we choose our mates. Today it is commonplace to find millions of people that have used an online dating app, has registered to an online dating website, or have communicated via chat apps to someone.

It simply works

    According to a recent study, 66 Percent have dated someone that they met online and about 20 Percent of relationships start online. The same 20 Percent also result in marriages. For most people that experience shyness and awkwardness in traditional dating scenarios, online dating is the great equalizer for these types of people. Not only are there a lot of like-minded matches online but they will be connected to millions of singles on a given platform. Imagine if they register in several, just thinking of the odds in probability alone will be enough to get you a match. The ratios of both sexes who use online dating are almost half, with 52.4 Percent of users as male and 47.6 Percent registered as female. However males are more dominant but just slightly so with their female counterparts.

online dating app


     While there are a lot of success stories, there are also the flipside stories. That is why caution is the byword whenever maintaining a presence online. The sheer amount of choices can actually be overwhelming and the danger is that because you get presented these choices, you might develop an unhealthy “picky-ness” and end up being a lot lonelier than before. It has elements that can actually make you an addict of the choices that are available to you. Think of it from the perspective of an online shopping like experience but of people.


      There is online Dating and there are also matchmaking sites where they offer their services in getting you an almost guaranteed match based on advanced software and algorithms. What is done is they give you professional profiling and psychological analysis to come up with the best match for you. Using data from this, 64 percent revealed that shared interest and not looks are a primary consideration when choosing partners.

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