There is no greater pleasure than watching a sunrise from the top of a hill, sipping hot tea and surrounded by fog. The healing effect of the hills on people’s souls is what draws millions of tourists to hill stations every year. In a world where money and productivity have taken precedence over happiness and peace of mind, a human mind can take only so much stress and constant tension before it snaps and seeks respite. This point is when people jump onto their bikes, push all their worries to one side and ride to the hills.

With all its therapeutic benefits, hills travel too comes with its set of risks and hazards. The mystical ravines and sheer drops entice people with their unparalleled beauty, and devour thousands of lives every year. Venturing into these marvels of nature unprepared can often have drastic repercussions.

There are a few things every person seeking solace in the hills should keep in mind to ensure a happy trip and a safe return. The most prominent of these have been mentioned below


  • Safe driving: – Driving on the hills is a totally different ball game compared to conventional travel. Couple this with the driving ethics of Indian drivers, and you have the perfect recipe for disaster. Practice defensive driving on the hills. Always horn and flash before you approach a curve, and slow down sufficiently before you corner your vehicle. Remember, speeding through a few corners might be fun, but a lifetime in the hospital or worse is not!
  • Pack appropriately: – There is no shame in admitting you are cold. Pack adequate warm clothes and thermal wear if the weather is that extreme. Leather jackets will keep you warm and make you look macho at the same time. Take special effort to ensure that your feet are warm. This oft neglected part is one of the most vulnerable to cold, and not having adequate protection in terms of socks or legwarmers can leave you shivering throughout the day.
  • Safe sightseeing: – The threat of falls and injuries is very real in the hills. As far as possible, undertake trekking only with a certified guide, or in locations designated as safe for trekking. Avoid standing at the edge of cliffs and drops for the perfect photo. The view is just as good a few steps back as well. Prioritize safety over thrills and the adrenaline rush, and you will have a safe trip.

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